Mechanical Services

Our passion

Allweather offer a fully comprehensive repair service to both new and existing equipment and for any brand of air conditioning and refrigeration unit.

Most of our repairs are carried out onsite with care and efficiency, however in some cases we might need to repair or replace items off site to maintain workflow in order to have you up and running with greater speed.

Think About the Environment

All air conditioning systems contain refrigerant based gases as a coolant. It is important to carry out pressure leak testing on a regular basis to ensures your system is not leaking refrigerant gas and causing damage to your system and the environment. It is a legal requirement to make sure your refrigeration system is well maintained, luckily it's what we do.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience and are all fully trained to comply with the latest FGAS regulations. We ensure our expertise and professionalism is maintained throughout all projects large and small. Our clients and suppliers respect the way we do business and we pride ourselves on providing an exceptionally reliable and friendly service.